So I have finished my WOMB SAUNA practitioner certification and was reflecting on how I was lead down this path…

Last year, I met the sista who developed this modern method for this ancient practice at a birth worker of color event that I was sponsoring. We clicked immediately and I knew that I was meant to meet her that day. She explained to me what she did (I had never heard of it) but it just made intuitive sense. I decided to gift a womb steam to a sista that had recently experienced a miscarriage and she told me how the experience helped her to release a lot of negative energy around the situation. I then decided to try it for myself and I noticed a huge difference in my energy level, creativity, and overall well-being. On my third go-round I made the sincere intention to clear my womb of all negative energy and to be a welcoming energy for a spirit (I wanted a third child). A month later I found myself pregnant! It was then that I decided that I was going to have to add this certification!

Vaginal steaming was done across cultures as a initiation into womanhood, a cleansing ritual, and as ancient medicine for women. It is an honor to carry on this tradition and bring it forth into the 21st century. Basic vaginal steaming can be done at home, there are several YouTube videos that you can google and look up, but a WOMB SAUNA steam is a unique experience that offer 25+ biopsychosocial benefits that make it unique. You can definitely steam on your own, particularly for maintenance, but when there is a major imbalance, sometimes you need someone outside of yourself to help get at the root cause of the imbalance.

Since I have begun servicing clients, I am astonished by the large numbers of women who suffer from different womb imbalances and how they affect their lives. I am not new to working with women around womb issues, they often manifest during birth if they are not taken care of before hand…but this for me is the chance to help women clear these imbalances BEFORE babies get here. A healthier womb makes a healthier environment for the babies to not only grow but to thrive.

It only takes a few seconds to glance around the state of the world today to know that we have to birth a new generation, more connected to one another, with more love for their fellow mankind, if we are going to get ourselves out of this current mess!