Birth Doula Services

*We Are Only Accepting Direct Referrals And Previous Clients At This Time.*


Birth Packages:

$750 package– 2 prenatal visits, sitz bath herbs

$850 package– 3 prenatals, sitz bath herbs, postpartum womb steam, birth story

$1000 package– 3 prenatals, an additional postpartum visit with womb and body work, sitz bath herbs, birth story, 1 hr. prenatal or postpartum massage, and postpartum womb steam.

-All packages include unlimited phone and email support during pregnancy, labor support for up to two hours after birth, and a postpartum visit.

*If you having difficulty affording a doula, please contact me and let’s talk.

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Postpartum Packages: $40 per hour

Our postpartum packages include:

-Vigorous womb and body treatments to circulate lymph, release excess fluid and aid in recovery.

-Preparation of teas, broths and food specific to healing the postpartum body.

-Assistance with breastfeeding and nurturing habits to set up with your baby.

-Light Housekeeping

-Education on the importance of the postpartum period, not only on your immediate physical and mental health, but for the post-menopausal body as well. (take care of it now, so you can continue to thrive in your later years!)

-Education on the cognitive development of infants so you can better understand how our brains are wired as little humans.

-Showing you how to set up systems of care in your home so that you can continue to THRIVE as a postpartum parent instead of just survive even after I have gone.


$35 per hour for day/evening shifts, $40 per hr for overnight shifts.

Minimum Block of 3hrs must be purchased in order to prepare items and complete postpartum body treatments. Blocks over 4 hours are given a $5 discount.

*If you are unable to pay and need support, please contact me and let’s talk.*

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Birth Story-$25

I will keep notes during the birth, type up and print out a copy of your birth story on stationary for you to keep as a keepsake of you and your baby’s journey.

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Mother’s Blessing Facilitator-Price Varies

A Mother’s Blessing is an event that is planned for the mother. Typically close friends and family are invited to bring the Mother gifts and to pamper and prepare her mentally and energetically for birth.

I have extensive experience planning and implementing Mother’s Blessings for expectant moms. I have developed many group activities that bring guests closer as well as affirm and nurture the mother. I can help you develop a program and activities that align with your personal beliefs while creating connection and ritual with your guests.

The initial consultation is free.

Fee is determined by the amount of in-person facilitation during the actual event to include set-up/decoration, coordination of entertainment/food, guided activities, and assistance with clean up. I am not responsible for the price of food or entertainment, but will help you to coordinate these services within your budget.

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Crash Course Childbirth Education Class


Groups (2 or more individuals/couples)-$100

This 3 hour class is a crash course for birth (singles and couples both welcome!). This class is a mixture of lecture, video, and hands-on practice!

You will learn:

  • basic gestation and anatomy
  • phases and stages of labor
  • various pain management techniques (breath, positioning, acupressure, rebozo)
  • pain medication options
  • understanding labor support options
  • understanding medical interventions and inductions
  • cesarean birth options and prevention
  • postpartum health
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