Womb/Vaginal Steaming

1 hour vaginal steam for doula clients-$65 (at home office)

1 hour vaginal steam-$85 (at home office)

1 hour mobile vaginal steam-$105 (I come to you within a 20 mile radius)

Discounted package of 3 steams-$215

I am a WOMB SAUNA practitioner. This method of vaginal/womb steaming was crafted by Thema Azize Serwa. It is a unique form of vaginal steaming that allows you to have a full body steam and detox in comparison to most other steams which only focus on the bottom half. Vaginal steaming is ancient herbal medicine that has been used across cultures for centuries. We bring it into modern times to address such issues as: Endometriosis, fibroids, heavy periods, irregular periods, infertility, recurrent yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and postpartum healing to name a few. All done in a private and discreet way. Check out our post on the wonders of vaginal steaming here.