Muneera was such a blessing for us. She brought me strength, confidence, comfort, and companionship throughout the whole process.  As this was our first baby, it was invaluable having her walk us through the process and empower us with her knowledge of the birthing process and the numerous possible interventions that caretakers could employ. I would highly recommend her!

Sadaf Shaukat

Birth Client

This is my first Yelp review! I had to share about this experience.  Words fail to express how amazing the experiences have been with Muneera!   I have had two sessions with her so far and both have been outstanding!  This womb steam session is unlike no other.  It’s so much more than I have ever expected!  It’s mentally,  spiritually as well as physically healing.  She is gifted at what she does and I’m so glad that she chose to share her gift with us!  Run, don’t walk to schedule your session!   It is truly life changing! I’m so looking forward to my next session with her!


Womb Steam Client