“OMG my flow is back!! I’ve been going strong 3 days! WHOO HOOOOOO!! I is flowing!!”


“Muneera and these wombsteams have been a God send. When she announced she was doing them and I researched what they are I thought, ” I need this in my life” and signed up for my first one in January. The connection to life, creativity, and inner peace for women really is in the womb. I have gotten so much clarity with this focus on my womb/my center. I want everyone to experience this awakening, if I was Oprah I’d be giving them away by the hundreds!!!”


“Thank you for the information and the session.  I SLEPT LIKE A ROCK LAST NIGHT!!!!!  When I left your office I felt like I had just completed a workout.”


“I have not had my period for years without the help of birth control, one session and I started spotting THROUGH the birth control, I wasn’t even on the placebo pills!”


“This was so much more than I expected, I thought I was just going to come and sit and steam a little bit, this was so much deeper than that. Thank you, I feel a great weight lifted, who knew I was carrying around so much baggage in my womb, I gave a whole new meaning to bag lady!!!”


“This is healing like Native American Sweat Lodge healing and in your basement! I can’t believe it!”


“I can not say what a life altering experience it has been to sit on Muneera’s pot! Vaginal steaming has been crucial to my healing process and my journey. I wish for every woman to experience this. I wish for every woman to have a practitioner so dedicated to help traverse the difficult path that sometimes comes with healing and clarity. Such a beautiful and cleansing experience as we- because she was with me every step of the way- literally crossed over! If you have been thinking of doing it, please follow through. You won’t regret it! 


“GURL! I don’t know know what herbs you put in that pot, but I’m changed! I will never look at my womb the same way or take her for granted. What a gift we have as women, that we forget about!”


“Grateful that women like Muneera are still carrying on the tradition of working to heal the womb. My session with her brought up so much more than sweat. Be prepared to shift…thanks to my girl, for introducing me to this goddess and her magic!”