Muneera Fontaine is a wonderful, calm, experienced and very professional Doula who I would highly recommend to partner with any person looking for Doula support on their journey of childbirth.

Birth Client

Muneera listened to my needs, my husbands needs and our needs as a couple.  She sought out tailored solutions and remedies to customize the support I was looking for during my labour. She was always on time, highly communicative and responded promptly whilst we were waiting for labour to commence. As no labour goes 100% to plan, Muneera was fantastic at adapting with us when circumstances changed and remained part of the team right until the very end when we were holding our bundle of joy!
Her pre-labour sessions were very educational and valuable. Even though this was our second child, it was important to revisit the information again prior to the birth.
Muneera is a very valuable addition to your birth team.
Gina McClement

Birth Client

Muneera is a fabulous person, supporter and doula!   We worked with Muneera for the birth of our daughter.  After interviewing 3 doulas, it was clear that Muneera had the calm, supportive, yet appropriate amount of cheerleader that myself and husband were searching for in someone to help with the birth.  From the beginning, Muneera was fully present, attentive to our birth plan and wishes, and full of useful information leading up to the due date.  She was quick to respond, and email with information and questions that we had.  The meetings we had before the birth were fun, and my husband and I looked forward to Muneera coming over to educate and spark conversations about birth and beyond.

When the actual birth got underway, Muneera was there, (even before she was there, checking in and seeing how we were).  From the second she arrived to help birth, she was a true force, and never once let up in her support, whether it be keeping the focus, pain management, pain relief or just being helpful to my husband and I.  She was relentless in this support, and this was the most impressive factor of all – as if we weren’t impressed enough with her professional yet caring support she offered from the first visit.  She was just as excited as we were when our little girl arrived; depsite her many prior births and experience, and her geniune excitement and warm welcome for our baby was beyond Muneera’s call of duty.

As a true professional, Muneera followed up with us and continued to impress us with her post-partum support and care for myself and our daughter.  I would hire Muneera again in a heartbeat – and only wish every experience in working with someone were this great.

Katherine Cuevas

Birth Client

Muneera’s calm and steady presence was exactly what I needed during my 48hr labor!!!  Not only was she nurturing and caring, she also helped my husband and I to feel confident about the choices we made during my labor.  In addition to supporting me, Muneera also offered support to my husband, mother, father and brother to offer them love and reassurance throughout the process.  Muneera is very well educated about comfort techniques and is also skilled in troubleshooting obstacles to labor progression.  She pulled every trick out of the book to help me move my labor forward when my progression was stalled.  She was the perfect addition to my labor team and worked well with my midwife.

I keep saying that I could not have had such an amazing birth without Muneera being present.  She keeps reminding me that my experience would have been amazing, no matter what, and she’s just proud to have been a witness.

Muneera is an amazing professional and I would recommend her HIGHLY to anyone searching for a doula.

Malika Muhammad

Birth Client

Muneera came to us through the recommendation of two friends who also used her for their first births. For us, it is hard to imagine how our birth could have gone so well without her help. Our son was born after a 15-hour labor in the caul, a rare occurence and one that would likely not have happened if we did not have a support network that understood our desire not to have unnecessary medical interventions.

Because of Muneera, we were able to comfortably labor at home for the bulk of that time — about 12 hours. We called Muneera just hours after the first contractions started, and she came over and spent the entire day helping my husband massage me, feed me and provide comfort measures that made the experience of back labor much more tolerable. She came equipped with aromatherapy and scarves that would help me bear weight while laboring, and she even provided Sitz bath herbs to help me heal postpartum.

But her assistance began long before that day. She met with us three times prior to the labor so that we were familiar with her and she with us. Those meetings amounted to a private class to prepare us for labor and birth. By the time the delivery date arrived, she and my husband knew each other well and were able to work as a team to get us through the challenges of labor. She also followed up with us postpartum to ensure I was doing well, and she was helpful in providing advice as we navigated life with a newborn.

Muneera became a friend through the process, and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone seeking a pillar of support through their pregnancy and birth.

Ambreen Ali

Birth Client

I went into my pregnancy journey wanting the whole natural experience. I began my search for a doula almost immediately after I found out I was expecting. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as successful until I was introduced to Muneera Fontaine. Immediately after my first conversation, I knew I would like Muneera. We met soon after and she was very personable and most importantly professional. During the subsequent meetings, we not only discussed things such as nutrition, the different stages of labor, techniques to manage labor pain, nursing, but she also laughed and had meaningful conversation with my family and I. Muneera came into my home and respected the flow of my daily life and the culture of my family; which is very important to me. When it came down to active labor and birthing my first child, I could not imagine doing it without my doula. She was there every step of the way. I trusted Muneera and she was a pleasant help before, during, and post pregnancy.

Lundon Sweeney

Birth Client

Muneera  helped me greatly through out my pregnancy!!! She is such a kindred spirit. She answered all of my questions. I was soooooo nervous during my pregnancy with this being my first one and not having much support. She consistantly checked up on me and helped me with questions to ask my doctor. I was hoping for a natural childbirth although I did not have one. Muneera gave me positive and negatives options so that I could make my decision. I was not able to have my mother in the delivery room with me but it was great to have a doula such as Muneera for my support system with me!!!! I would recommend her 100%. She is a caring loving person and passionate about her craft.

Joella Elliby

Birth Client

Muneera was such a blessing for us. She brought me strength, confidence, comfort, and companionship throughout the whole process.  As this was our first baby, it was invaluable having her walk us through the process and empower us with her knowledge of the birthing process and the numerous possible interventions that caretakers could employ. I would highly recommend her!

Sadaf Shaukat

Birth Client

Ms. Muneera was very helpful with my pregnancy and labor. Since it was my first pregnancy, I was very nervous and exited. She is very knowledgable and helped me out throughout my pregnancy. During labor, she was extremely helpful. Since I don’t have my family members here; she was there like my family member. Not only she helped me through my pregnancy and labor, but also she helped me postpartum and answering my questions whenever I called her. I would really recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula. If need arise in future, I would love her to be there for my future pregnancy.

Janna Metha

Birth Client

Extremely knowledgeable and very caring.  We did not use any epidural and it was a normal delivery.  She helped prior to and during labor how to manage pain and it worked out to be a blessing as things went so smoothly with Muneera’s help.  I strongly recommend to utilize her services and experience as it is worth it.  Even the nurses and doctor’s were appericiative of her understanding, professionalism,helpful nature. Thanks.

Shahida Naz (Mom of Uzair)

Birth Client