Womb Steaming FAQ’s

Vaginal Steaming FAQ’s

-How long does a session last?

Typically a session last 60 minutes, the first session might be more depending on how much info we need to cover.

-How do you clean that thing???

We use hospital grade, all-natural, cleaning materials. As well as cover the seat with a protective plastic coating. The complete kit is cleaned and sterilized between uses.

What issues can be addressed through a Womb Sauna vaginal steam?

There are over 25 biopsychosocial benefits to the particular brand of steaming that we practice. Some include: Regulating your menses, increasing creativity, detoxifing the womb, helping with vaginal odor, speeding recovery after childbirth, relieving menstrual cramps, increasing blood flow to the vaginal area, and many, many more!

-Do I have to get naked?

We definitely respect your privacy. It is best to remove all of your clothing in order to get the most of the treatment. However, you undress and cover with the first layer cape in private and the remaining capes will cover you from neck to almost ankle when sitting.

-Should I come in if I am on my period?

No, we would definitely reschedule. Your menses is your body’s own natural way of cleaning itself out; we don’t want to interfere with that process.

-What types of things will be discussed?

Many different things come out in a session, there are a variety of things/events/people/incidents that are held in the womb space. Whatever comes up, know that it will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be discussed outside of the Womb Steam session.

-When will I notice a difference?

It depends on what you are coming to address. Most people report some difference after the first session, with the majority seeing a large difference after the second session.

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