I used to love that song by Staind and it was running through my head as I stared at my screen trying to figure out what I could post before my son wakes back up to nurse…

The problem with blogging is that I have so many ideas that I want to share and they all take time to elaborate so I end up not flushing them all the way out and then just not posting anything… I am determined to break free from my slump..but I am wavering on what I want to post. “Cause it’s always raining in my head”..sorry another random Staind reference. Not quite sure why their songs are running through my head this evening. I’m going to blame the Sepia homeopathic I took this afternoon. LOL

I think I would briefly like to discuss Brain Waves. There are four levels of brain wave states that I am going to discuss. They are Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. There is also Gamma, but that won’t really apply to this discussion. Sounds a bit like a sorority doesn’t it? 🙂

Beta is the active brain wave state when we are going about our busy lives. Those brain waves cycle at 12-40 cycles per second. This is get ‘er dun mode. The cycle beneath that is Alpha. We typically go into Alpha brain wave states when we are daydreaming or meditating. Alpha brain waves are around 8-13 cycles per second. Then down lower we go to Theta. This is when you are completely relaxed, that space right before sleep when you are semi-conscious but in a dream-like state. Brain waves cycle here at 4-7 cycles per second! This is a place of healing for our bodies. Lastly, we have Delta. Delta is deep sleep. There is no sense of self in Delta. Some say that is where our souls find rest in the collective consciousness and recharge before returning back to ourselves. Our brain waves cycle 4 cycles or less per second. This is a place of DEEP healing and why when people are ill they sleep a lot.

I have become very interested in brain wave states when I realized that mothers in labor can travel almost fluidly through these brain wave states depending on their stage of labor. As a doula, one of my jobs is to travel there with her. When moms are laboring it is your job to enter her energy frequency instead of constantly forcing her to enter yours! This is a part of the job often referred to as “holding space”. It is a beautiful thing to get into a zone with an expectant mother, you find that you can almost read her mind and anticipate her needs without her saying a word! She will look at you and you will know immediately that she wants water, or she wants her aunt in the next room to shutup. You will know when she wants you close and when she only wants to be with her partner. You will know without a word, because you will feel and read her energy shift because you will be at the same brain wave state as her. Now sometimes, you have to shift back to Beta (especially in a hospital setting) so that she won’t have to, handle some business, and then shift back down again. She will be aware, but able to hold her own energy. Have you ever seen a mom fall asleep right before she begins to push out her baby? Some moms snore (loudly) for about 5 minutes and then pop back up and are ready to push. That is Delta, I believe that you should NEVER disturb a woman during this time. She could be receiving “cosmic downloads” as my teacher, Whapio is fond of saying. She is going into a place of deep healing so that with the birth of the baby, she can also birth herself as the mother that this baby needs…


Pregnancy in particular is a potential time of great healing and empowerment as a woman. You have ready access to brain waves states to heal the deepest parts of yourself to make yourself ready for this new experience of motherhood (even if it’s not your first time, it’s your first time with this baby).

You already possess everything you need to be whole and healed. You already possess the ability to birth your baby. All you need to do is tap into the power of your mind and spirit to make it happen! Embrace the process, don’t fear it and it will embrace you back!